About Us

Hi! We're a team of party people who think it should be easier to plan events.

It's wild that you need six different apps to plan a party and get the word out. Texting, Stories, and group chats don't cut it, especially when you're inviting friends-of-friends. You deserve a party page that hypes up your event and makes it easier for guests to get the info they need. That's why we built Partiful.

We ❤️ making your party amazing, so if you have any feedback/ideas or need help, please DM us (Twitter, Instagram).
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Our mission is to help you make friends (and memories).

Social events are some of the most fun and meaningful experiences of your life. They're also the best way to get to know people in your broader networks. Everyone's too busy for awkward 1:1 meetups with strangers. We want to make it easier to get to know friends-of-friends casually in group settings, while having the time of your life.

Love what we're doing? Join our team!

We get to spend every day helping people have fun. We get to build something our friends use. We get invited to amazing parties. (We even get personal party budgets... you know... for product testing...)